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Pipsqueak Productions, LLC, in business since 1994, is a boutique web design and digital production firm. Pipsqueak’s principals are a husband and wife team who apply cognitive theory to their designs to create dynamic websites, compelling communication pieces, and effective and fun learning experiences.

Pipsqueak’s extensive experience and strong design skills allow it to solve complex new media problems. Pipsqueak can also execute on its designs with digital production work that’s both creative and meticulous. And because Pipsqueak is a small shop, its clients receive the expertise of its principals and not that of its interns.

    1. Pipsqueak Productions is a first-class San Francisco web design and digital production firm. Their webmastering capabilities are exceptional, and their attention to detail is impeccable. They are the kind of dedicated professionals who leave their clients in better shape each and every day. And, when it comes to the last-minute attention required to make sure everything is just right, they go the extra mile. My only question is when do they sleep?
    2. Steven Beedle
    3. ZNA Communications
    1. I am elated with the results of my wonderful web site. There has been an increase in my business of Capellino Sauces and people, including old friends, from all over the states have found me. The one thing in common to all are the comments: “Great web site,” “Most unique,” “Very well put together,” “Fabulous photography,” and on and on. All because Pipsqueak is so knowledgeable, true perfectionists, and most easy to work with.
    2. Judy Capellino
    3. Founder, Capellino
    1. Pipsqueak has been instrumental in moving BLADE’s Web presence to new heights and services. Projects are consistently brought in ahead of schedule, exceed expectations, and under cost targets. The level of professionalism and responsiveness conveyed by Pipsqueak is an order of magnitude greater than that of any of their competition.
    2. Rob Downing
    3. BLADE Network Technologies, Inc.
    1. I’ve collaborated with Pipsqueak for almost ten years. Together we’ve designed a great variety of innovative activities, materials, and booklets of all sorts. Their work is so outstanding and professional that I will no longer take a contract with a graphics component unless I can work with them.
    2. Eileen Engels
    3. Louisiana Folk Roots
    1. I have worked with Pipsqueak on several occasion on very different projects. Through it all, Christopher and Olga have been a pleasure to work with. They are creative and innovative, yet responsive to the client’s needs and wishes. The results are always a wonderful synthesis of the client’s intent and their skill at making it a reality. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
    2. D. Hudson Frew
    3. Interfaith Center at the Presidio
    1. The folks at Pipsqueak know what they’re doing, they’re experts we can trust, they’re really smart about the Internet and aren’t prone to trends that don’t last or make sense. Great to work with and reliable. No ifs, ands or butts…they just get it done…and they get it done right.
    2. Seb Jarakian
    3. President, Musync
    1. Life is good when you find an outstanding team to help you realize a goal. Christopher and Olga Werby are that team and with their creativity, guidance, and technical skills they designed and built my web site. They worked with me every step of the way and I could not have asked for a better result! I highly recommend Pipsqueak Productions.
    2. Kent Marshall
    3. Kent Marshall Photography
    1. I have worked with many designers on a variety of projects, and Pipsqueak outshined every single one of them! They immediately understood our vision and translated those concepts into a creative visual statement that will have a far greater impact than anything we could have come up with on our own. Not only are these experts hugely talented, they were attentive, flexible, and a true pleasure to work with. Thank you!
    2. Edna Neivert
    3. Assoc. Director, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    1. Pipsqueak Productions is solid gold. This company works to such a high standard of excellence that they should probably hand out oxygen masks. The technical and creative genius of owners Christopher and Olga Werby is second to none, and I can’t even begin to put a price on the value of the counsel they provided. I’m simply thrilled with the results.
    2. Judy Plummer
    3. Founder, Judy & George Communications
    1. Pipsqueak did a yeoman’s job as the design and technical webmaster for the Ingres web site. Pipsqueak is highly responsive, responsible, creative, and always goes the extra mile.
    2. Evan Quinn
    3. Vice President, Ingres Corporation
    1. As an independent producer, I have a lot of clients with an ever-varying set of needs. Pipsqueak has a very wide range of capabilities and they’ve come through for me, on time and on budget, for over ten years now. For both design and technical work, they’re my ace in the hole.
    2. Bree Renz
    3. President, Breeze Productions
    1. Pipsqueak has been our designers/webmasters for most of the entire 12 years that we have been in business. They understand our needs, and have delivered consistently without embellishment or nonsense. We even had, for a time, a short-lived marketing executive who insisted upon using another company. After that brief nightmare, Pipsqueak was swift and extraordinarily good-natured about stepping back in to clean up the mess. Other than the strong temptation to keep Pipsqueak as our own little ace-in-the-hole secret, we recommend them without reservation.
    2. John Rigney
    3. Managing Partner, Large Screen Video Imaging, LLC
    1. Pipsqueak is the ultimate company to use when it comes to pulling together a Web site. Why? Because they cover all the bases, they think through the design and make it work for the users, and they create clean code. I highly recommend them for all my high-level clients who need more than just a pretty site. If it’s worth it to think it through and do it right then call Pipsqueak.
    2. Randy Schroeder
    3. Media Consultant, Bluewave Communications, LLC
    1. Pipsqueak created our original website and has been maintaining it for over two years. We count on Pipsqueak to make lightning-fast, yet accurate, changes to our site with minimal instruction. Working with an experienced professional is something we count on every day.
    2. Tim Shaughnessy
    3. Vice President, BLADE Network Technologies, Inc.
    1. Pipsqueak designed and maintained a company Intranet that revolutionized the way that we worked. Our business was document-driven with many branch offices across the state. Pipsqueak’s Web-based system was very easy to use and perfectly matched our needs. Pipsqueak thinks hard about what they do and then they deliver. For me, that meant that I could hire them for a project and then just check off the item as a problem solved.
    2. Shane Spiegelman
    3. Vice President, ProTrades Connection
    1. Pipsqueak’s been the Virgil to my Dante in my first sojourn into the seven circles of website creation and the experience has been both rewarding and enjoyable. They are smart, responsive, responsible, innovative, and quite fun to work with. They were quick to pick up the ‘big ideas’ of what I was trying to accomplish and facilely generated multiple ideas that served the multiple purposes of our frequently complimented website. Pipsqueak has my highest recommendation and my gratitude.
    2. Bruce S. Victor, M.D.
    3. The Acoustic Vortex
    1. I could not have been more thrilled with my experience working with Pipsqueak on our latest project for the Graduate School of Business (a Flash animation/solicitation to our annual fund donors). From their immediate, crystal-clear understanding of exactly what we were striving to achieve, through the final implementation, I couldn’t have asked for a better creative partnership. They surpassed all of our expectations.
    2. Olga Zundel
    3. Assoc. Director, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    1. Refreshingly amusing intro video for the keynote.
    2. Tweet
    3. from the 2009 MotoDev Conference

Christopher Werby, J.D. is a programmer, photographer, and filmmaker. He has a Juris Doctor degree from Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley, California. Olga Werby, Ed.D. is an interface design expert with a doctorate from U.C. Berkeley on Internet-based learning. She has taught interaction design at the American University in Paris, the University of California Berkeley Extension Program, San Francisco State’s Multimedia Studies Program, the Bay Area Video Coalition, and Apple Computers. And she is a talented artist.

Located in San Francisco, Pipsqueak can be reached by email or by telephone at (415) 668-4372.