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Pipsqueak Productions offers a complete set of services

Award-winning website design, professional development, and the ability to create a wide variety of content.

Careful Design

Design can be divided into three stages: conceptual, interaction, and interface design. “What does it do?,” “How does it do it?,” and “What is its look and feel?”

Clean Coding

There’s a beauty to clean code. But it’s more than aesthetics. Clean code is reliable and maintainable.


Creating great photographic content now requires both traditional and computer-based skills.

Writing & Editing

Professional writing must be simple, clear, persuasive, and carefully tailored to its audience.


Websites are usually collaborations with clients, and they change over time. But here are some screenshots from sites we’ve created.

Cinta Aveda Beauty Institute Home Page

Cinta Aveda Beauty Institute

San Francisco beauty school.

California Slate Home Page

California Slate Company

Slate roofing materials.

Scavullo Design — Projects

Scavullo Design

Interior decoration.

Diana Jenkins Personal Site — Home Page

Diana Jenkins

Human rights activist and entrepreneur.

Cinta Salon Home Page (v3)

Cinta Salon

Elegant San Francisco beauty salon.

Cinta Salon Home Page (v2)

Cinta Salon

Elegant San Francisco beauty salon.

Brent Black Panama Hats — Home

Brent Black Panama Hats

High-end hats fitted and sold online.

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub — Home

The Plough and Stars

San Francisco Irish pub with live music.

SDJ Foundation for Bosnia and Herzegovina — Home

SDJ Foundation for Bosnia

Charitable foundation.

Restore the Villages Project — Home

Restore the Villages Project

NGO working in the Congo.

Free Len Homeniuk Home Page

Free Len Homeniuk

Legal Defense.

Wolfenden Cosmetic Surgery Home

William J. Wolfenden, M.D.

A San Francisco plastic surgeon.

Juxtamorph — the Home page of United Artworks

Juxtamorph & United Artworks

Portfolio & resources for artists.

Musync Home Page


Music acquisition service.

Paul Wood Works — Home

Paul Wood Works

Master woodworker.

Interfaces Blog on Usability — Home

Pipsqueak’s Interfaces Blog

Designing for usability.

Judy and George — Home

Judy and George

Corporate communications.

The Acoustic Vortex — Concerts

The Acoustic Vortex


The Rear Door — Puzzles

The Rear Door

Puzzle site for marketing campaign.

Capellino Sauces — Recipes

Capellino Sauces

Fresh & frozen pasta and sauces.

Runfly Studios — Home

Runfly Studios

Ear trainer app.

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