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Pipsqueak Productions offers a complete set of services

Highly-professional & modern website design and development
together with the skills to create content necessary to engage your audience.

Careful Design

Design can be divided into three stages: conceptual, interaction, and interface design. “What does it do?,” “How does it do it?,” and “What’s the look and feel?”

Clean Coding

There’s a beauty to clean code. But it’s more than aesthetics. Clean code is reliable and maintainable.


Creating great photographic content now requires both traditional and computer-based skills.

Writing & Editing

Professional writing must be simple, clear, persuasive, and carefully tailored to its audience.


Websites are usually collaborations with clients, and they change over time. But here are some screenshots from sites we’ve created.

Featured Project —

The ICC Forum is an online law review designed to help the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court moot questions of concern to her office.

Scholarly opinions are presented in long form. Experts and interested members of the public can weigh in on legal questions under debate.

  • Award Winning Justice Innovation

    The ICC Forum was named one of the World’s top three Justice Innovations of 2012 by the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL).

  • Highly Secure Platform

    The Forum has been under constant attack since its launch in 2010. To date, there has been no comment spam or data leakage.

  • Designed to Penetrate a Closed Institution

    Sheds light on the inner workings of a closed judicial operation while simultaneously protecting the interests of the Court.

  • Created an International Criminal Law Community

    Created a library of thought on international criminal law issues. Includes the LinkedIn International Criminal Law Group, also run by Pipsqueak, which has over 30,000 members.

  • Improved Reading Experience of Long Footnoted Articles

    Some examples: rich media endnotes can be read in place in addition to linking back and forth from the main article to the note. Acronymns and legal terms are defined. Background materials are collected and archived.

  • Executed Under Strict Budget Constraints

    The Forum was created and maintained in a highly economical fashion.


More than just swooshing logos…


A Nobel for web work?
We can dream, can’t we?

Business Philosophy

We’re small and we like it that way.


Clean code is about more than aesthetics.

Design Process

First, the three stages of design: conceptual, interaction, interface. Then there’s execution.

Educational Materials

Our kids deserve imaginative materials that are fun and effective.

Educational Philosophy

Educational software has to be fun to be effective.

Food Photography

We use both traditional and computer-based techniques in our photographic workflow.

Graphic Design

Both careful thinking and artistic inspiration are necessary.


A picture is often worth more because most visitors won’t read those thousand words.

Image Retouch

In the right hands, Photoshop is a marvelous tool.

Informational Graphics

A well-made graphic can make complex information clear.

Interface Design

It takes hard work to achieve simplicity and clarity.

Kids Online Network

A fun legacy project about a little guy who lived in your computer.


A logo should capture and communicate the essence of a company in a graphical mark.


We’ve written academic papers on some of the things we’ve figured out.

Portrait Photography

If you’re lucky, you can capture that fleeting moment which reveals the soul.

Presentation Graphics

Sometimes, a presentation needs a bit of polish.

Print Ads

A great print ad begins with a great idea.

Product Photography

When it’s important for products to look their best.

Project Development

Like a movie, a website project often splits neatly into preproduction, production, and post-production.


We’re fond of our legacy projects created over 21 years in business.

Science Photography

To understand something, it helps to actually see it happen.

Small Projects

Chabot Space and Science Center hosts some of our museum exhibit designs.

Small Projects

Sometimes, when a problem’s constraints are particularly tight, the most creative solutions emerge.

Supermarket Science

Supermarket Science is a curriculum to teach hands-on science to poorly funded public elementary school students.

The Company Therapist

Our online collaborative writing experiment ran from 1996 to 1999 and is still available on the Web at

Video and Audio

Sometimes we create motion graphics, short animations, and video productions.


Websites are an interesting blend of content, design, presentation, and technology.

Writing and Editing

Professional writing must be simple, clear, persuasive, and carefully tailored to its audience.